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Fallon Aurielle Rhassoul Clay Skincare Mask
Fallon Aurielle Rhassoul Clay Skincare Mask

Fallon Aurielle Rhassoul Clay Skincare Mask

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The “Fallon Aurielle Rhassoul Clay Skincare Mask” is amazing for intense detoxification absorbing impurities and harmful substances from skin. Improves skin elasticity by removing dead skin cells and excess surface dirt and oils. Cleans deep into your pores and tightens skin without harsh scrubs or chemicals. Can be used as a deep conditioning hydrating hair mask to improve texture and shine. Effective at absorbing excess sebum retaining the health of hair follicles and helping to reduce hair loss. Treats and prevents acne and smooths out uneven skin tone. 


How To Use:

•Mix with Natural Rose Water for an all natural detoxifying face mask. Form a smooth silky paste. Apply with clean hands or soft face brush and leave to dry for 5-10 minutes. Can be left on for 35-40 minutes for more absorption. Rinse well and moisturize after. 

Detailed Instructions Below:

1. Use a clean bowl and a (PLASTIC) spoon DO NOT USE METAL!!

2. In bowl, place 1 teaspoon of dry clay inside.

3. Pour rose water on teaspoon and add into clay.

4. Add 2-3 teaspoons more or less of Rose Water & Rhassoul Clay until a creamy paste forms. The paste should look and feel smooth. Not watery or dry. Paste should glide smoothly onto face. The Clay should resemble a chocolate milkshake or frosty like consistency, that’s when you know the mask is ready to apply.  

5. When clay is mixed and easy to spread, add all over face and neck.

6. Let dry for 5-10 minutes or 35-40 minutes.

7. Your face will feel tight and uncomfortable when mask is completely dry. This effect pulls out extra oil and debris from skin. This mask also tightens the skin for a younger appearance.

8. Once mask is super dry, remove in shower or sink. 

9. Allow water to break up the mask. Don’t pull skin or scrub. Let the water work it off gently as you softly massage excess clay off. Any extra left on skin, use a clean damp wash cloth to remove.

10. After mask is completely removed, tone face and neck with cotton balls that’s sprayed with Natural Rose Water. 

11. Close eyes and spray face with Natural Rose Water (This places hydration back into the skin)

12. Complete process by moisturizing face and neck. 


•Rhassoul Clay Ingredients:

•100% Pure And Organic Mineral Rich Clay 

(Suitable For All Skin Types)